About Us
A&K Systems was originally founded in 1982 under the name "A&K Computers" as a retailer specializing in computer hardware and components. The company transitioned into software shortly after, and became a prominent developer of enterprise management systems for use by the county, municipal, and commercial organizations. A nationally recognized software solutions provider for 32 years, A&K enjoys an outstanding reputation for product quality and customer service.

Since 1989, A&K has become a reputable provider of CRM and business management solutions for the pest management industry, and maintain ongoing relationships with thousands of pest management enterprises across the United States through the continued success of our products such as WinTOS, IPM Solutions, and WinPCO. Our comprehensive software offerings simplify day-to-day operations and ensure that our clients are able to run their businesses at maximum efficiency.

As a leader of the industry, we are proud to continue serving you with our quality products and excellent customer service.

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, A&K operates from its headquarters located in Sunnyvale, California.
Corporate Philosophy
Our corporate philosophy is centered around the series of values and commitments we prescribe to everyday. Ethics and professionalism form the core values around which we conduct our everyday business.
Commitment to Our Customer
We are committed to providing cost-effective and high quality solutions and services for our customers.
Commitment to Our Employees
We are committed to providing opportunities for our employees to allow them to develop their careers and succeed. Employees are expected to treat each other with consideration, trust, and respect in order to work together as a team.
Commitment to Teamwork
We are committed to teamwork and believe it should produce more than the sum of our individual efforts. We must be reliable and committed to our customers, our team, and the company. Open and honest communication between all parties is essential in achieving overall future success.
Our Values
Respect for Individuals
Integrity in Business
Partnership with Customers
Openness to New Ideas
Expectations for Execution
Passion for Innovation
To serve and honor God in all we do by benefiting all those around us.